Customer Project Manager for Customer Support/After Sales

Name: Andreas

Education: University education in data administration (ADB)

Position: Customer Project Manager for Customer Support/After Sales


How did you come in contact with Sectra? Even before I graduated from college I knew about Sectra as a company. But for a number of years I first worked elsewhere. When I was ready to find something new, a friend of mine told me that Sectra had posted some vacancies on their website. I saw the position I have today and it felt so right for me.


What is your role? My main task is to install and implement our products and systems for our customers. I train the customer’s system administrators on the system and the individual products. Normally, the system administrator in turn then trains the end users. After the customer is up and running, we maintain regular contact to ensure that everything works as it should. If problems occur, I help them to find and solve the problems, putting things back in order as soon as possible. Where possible, I try to recreate the issue here in our own test environment. If that does not work I visit the customer onsite and solve the problem there.


What’s it like on a normal day at work? My days can be very different. One day, I might be somewhere in Europe training or helping customers to investigate any problems that they are unable to resolve on their own. The next day I might be in the office helping my colleagues in the test group to test software on new or existing products. In conjunction with new releases there is also some work to be done developing new training materials, presentations and other material I may need when I’m out meeting customers.


Why seek a job at Sectra? As for my type of position, it’s good if you like to travel and meet people. You should be interested in technology, but the most important thing is that you are able to make technology work together with humans. What I like about Sectra Communications is that it is a social work place and that there is an allowing atmosphere. You absolutely do not need to be a certain way to fit in. Instead there are many different types of people with different skills to fill completely different roles. If you especially like to focus on technology, there is every chance you will find challenges. And if you want a job involving technology and people you can also find it here. We have a lot of breadth for such a small organisation.