Category: Events | Posted: 2017-01-30

Meet Sectra at Mobile World Congress

At the MWC-17 you will find Sectra in Samsung's B2B exhibition zone. We will be showcasing Sectra Tiger/R, a smartphone solution for government officials.

Don’t let anyone outsmart your phone

Technological advances, enabling access to information anywhere and anytime from portable devices, provide greater flexibility for individuals, but also present real challenges to keeping information secure. With Sectra Tiger/R, a smartphone solution for secure mobile information access, users are provided a platform for information exchange without compromising security. It gives you the ability to get your job done even when on the move, even if it involves sensitive information.

The ability to separate work data from personal data give users the freedom to enjoy full smartphone services while work-related data and connections to the corporate IT-infrastructure/server environment are isolated to eliminate security risks. The result is a mobile workspace effectively protected against such threats as hacking attempts, malware, misconfiguration by the user, unauthorized use if the smartphone is lost or stolen, or eavesdropping attempts.

Mobile World Congress takes place Feb 27-March 2 in Barcelona.