Category: Events | Posted: 2017-09-20

Meet Sectra at NIAS 2017

To the classified information community, changes in society, technological leaps and individual requirements and characteristics will affect the ability to maintain and increase resilience and to ensure business continuity. Safeguarding information, not only today but also in the not-too-distant future, will require innovation and change. In a seminar at NIAS 2017 we will share our thoughts on what lies ahead from a societal, individual and technical perspective. We will discuss how such changes will influence the security, integrity and usability of a future-proof secure communications system.

Join the seminar on October 17, 16.35 in Theatre 3.

We are also present with a stand in the exhibitor area where we will showcase our solutions for mobile communication of classified information: The Sectra Tiger Ecosystem comprises secure mobile phone solutions for encrypted voice and text. that are approved by EU and NATO, as well as by European nations, for exchanging classified information. The Sectra Tiger infrastructure provides flexibility for organizations with individuals who have different security needs. By embracing solutions designed both for RESTRICTED and SECRET it creates an environment without crypto islands that is cost-efficient to maintain, supporting your current and future encryption needs.

Join us at NIAS 2017, October 17-19, Booth B13 in Lotto Mons Expo to learn more!