Category: Events | Posted: 2017-03-16

Meet Sectra at SCADA Säkerhet 2017

Obtaining balanced security in a SCADA environment

Critical infrastructure represents a potential target of attack for various parties; this has been placed beyond doubt by the National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA), among others. Integrated, digitized systems comprise a security challenge while they also offer new possibilities for operational and business development. But how is it possible to obtain the right balance in terms of security measures?

Sectra and the municipal utilities company Tekniska Verken will attend this year’s SCADA cyber security conference, SCADA Säkerhet 2017, in Stockholm, to share our knowledge of how technology, structure, organization and culture can be combined to create and maintain a balanced protection scenario. We will also demonstrate how a security analysis of a SCADA system can be implemented in practice. Our presentation will be held on Wednesday, April 5 at 11:40 a.m.