Category: Press releases | Posted: 2017-06-28

Sectra Tiger mobile phone protects Norwegian government agencies from eavesdropping

Linköping, June 28, 2017 – Sectra will now deliver its solution for secure mobile telephony, Sectra Tiger®/S 7401, to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Using Sectra Tiger/S 7401, officials in the Norwegian defense and civil authorities will be able to communicate classified information without a risk of eavesdropping.

The Norwegian Armed Forces have been using an earlier generation of Sectra Tiger, specially developed for Norway, since 2002. The units currently in use will now be replaced by the latest version of Sectra Tiger/S 7401.

Sectra Tiger/S 7401 is approved for information up to an including the SECRET security level. Users include decision-makers and officials in government agencies and defense organizations, which place strict demands on security, flexibility and mobility.

Thanks to Sectra’s cooperation with customers and national security authorities in a large number of countries, the company’s various solutions for secure communications are currently used at the national level in several European countries and by the EU and NATO.

Security levels

Four levels of security – TOP SECRET, SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED – define how sensitive information is to be handled and the potential damage that its disclosure could cause. Communication of information that has been classified at these security levels requires that the communication equipment be reviewed and approved by an independent security authority.

Sectra Tiger/S 7401 has been reviewed and approved for the SECRET security level by the Dutch security authorities and by NATO. Earlier versions of Sectra Tiger/S 7401 have also been approved by EU member states and individual nations, and Sectra is the only mobile crypto supplier with EU-approved solutions at this level.