Category: Press releases | Posted: 2016-04-29

Sectra Tiger/S 7401 (1.3) approved up to and including EU SECRET/SECRET UE

This approval is the latest in a long line of national and EU approvals for the Sectra Tiger products. In this version of Sectra Tiger/S 7401, availability is significantly enhanced by providing support for VoIP.

Sectra Tiger®/S 7401 is a secure mobile telephony solution for voice, data and text. It allows calls at any security level, from open (non-encrypted) up to and including SECRET.

Sectra Tiger/S 7401 is designed to enable secure communications within and between member states, the EU and NATO, thereby facilitating a pan-European dialog at the SECRET level. It enables users to securely communicate across domains using one and the same device while maintaining integrity between domains. Such multi-domain capabilities are made possible by the ability to specify multiple parameter sets.

Support for the SCIP protocol enables standards-based interoperability with third-party systems at the RESTRICTED level, further enhancing flexibility for the organziation, avoiding crypto islands.

Together with Sectra Tiger/S XS, Sectra Tiger/S 7401  forms the top end of an ecosystem of secure voice communication and text messaging. This coherent infrastructure provides flexibility for organizations by making it possible to have users on different devices in the same operating environment, where they can all communicate with each other.