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Jonas Bergum
Executive Vice President, Business Development & Sales

Security as an efficiency enabler

Enhancing mobility and flexibility to your organization without compromising the confidentiality of information presents a real challenge. With Sectra Mobile Workplace, a smartphone solution for secure mobile information access, you are provided a platform for information exchange without compromising security.

Think about it - if your smartphone fleet was secure - what would it enable you to achieve in terms of efficiency gains? 

Don't let anyone outsmart your phone

Sectra Mobile Workplace is designed to fulfill three key criteria - platform security, communication security and flexibility for the user. It includes defense-grade encrypted voice, messaging and group chat as well as VPN functionality for secure data access.

By leveraging the Samsung KNOX security platform and Sectra's mobile VPN capabilities, strong separation between personal and professional data is provided. It creates a secure extension to the user organization's network and trusted applications can be added the mobile fleet with just a drag and drop.


Designed for the highest security demands

Sectra Mobile Workplace is designed for high-level government officials that need to communicate sensitive information that carries risks of being intercepted by unauthorized parties, and is based on Sectra Tiger/R, approved up to the classification level RESTRICTED.

The very high level of security is ensured by hardware-based key protection on a certified, MicroSD embedded, smartcard, where both hardware and operating system meet the Common Criteria EAL 5+ security standard. Tight integration on the Samsung Knox platform results in superior platform integrity with minimized vulnerability to malicious applications and tampering all the way down to the phone hardware.