Use Cases

Nordic Battle Group

In order to secure the Nordic Battle Group’s voice communications, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) uses encryption components from Sectra to safeguard telecommunication and tactical radio communications.

The Nordic Battle Group is one of the EU's rapid response forces. It consists of units from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Ireland. A total of approximately 2,800 soldiers can be deployed for crisis management operations within a radius of 6,000 kilometres from Brussels, Belgium.

Protected IP-based communication over satellite links

Sectra has developed a solution utilizing Tiger XS voice encryptors for IP-based communications over satellite links. Secure calls can be made over satellite or national landlines and GSM networks. Telecommunications are secured at stationary and mobile command centres as well as at the individual mobile user and the military command levels.

Secure tactical radio communication

The Nordic Battle Group also uses Sectra’s tactical encryptor to secure radio communication. The unit can be mounted in vehicles and/or carried by troops on reconnaissance missions. Radio communication between command centres, vehicles and troops is encrypted and increases security for soldiers in areas of conflict.


Dutch Council of Ministers

“In addition to the high security of our fax solution from Sectra, it is the ease and efficiency of managing the system that we value most. This solution makes it just as easy to fax securely as to fax in the traditional way.”

Dutch Council of Ministers meetings are of the highest secrecy

The Dutch Council of Ministers weekly meetings receive the highest security classification under Dutch law. They are classified Top Secret. This places special demands on the distribution of documents that the participants need before and after each meeting, such as agendas, documents and meeting minutes. Using Sectra’s certified fax solution; these tasks are performed in a highly secure and resource-efficient way.

To meet safety requirements, the departments have developed common, high-priority routines relating to human document handling. Sectra’s solution ensures that fax transmissions are secure, but is also designed so that certain security routines must be implemented by all departments in order for the system to function. 

Secure faxing with Sectra Tiger XS

The Dutch Council of Ministers has designated Sectra to adapt a fax solution based on the Tiger XS voice encryption system. The solution consists of three units: the Tiger XS handset, Tiger XS Office and a COTS fax machine, in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. Sectra has customized the components to work together and has installed, tested and programmed the numbers of all the various departments to ensure full functionality and security.