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We invite you to visit Sectra at Paranoia 2022—one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the Nordics—where we will demonstrate our 24/7/365 solution for critical infrastructure. Our experts, Stig Mortvedt and Anders Hansson, are looking forward to meet you in Oslo and are available for discussions around security in your critical networks, such as your OT and IT networks. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website.

Availability 24/7/365

Security is an important aspect in making digitalization more efficient, thus enabling you to achieve your goals of efficiency, availability and profitability. However, digitalization entails new risks and threats that could easily jeopardize your operations.

To avoid production outages and loss of revenue, your external and internal risks need to be measured and managed over time. The most successful companies are those that utilize both information technology (IT) and operating technology (OT) opportunities while ensuring continuous operation. If production stops, it will affect revenue and reputation, and therefore risk management of IT and OT networks is a vital activity.

Solutions for critical infrastructure
Solutions for critical infrastructure

Managed detection and response

We ensure the visibility required for early risk and threat detection so that the continuity of your operations is not jeopardized. With a few network sensors and well-chosen log sources, we can ensure that in just a matter of days you will achieve visibility and management of security risks that authorities demand for critical infrastructure. Our security analysts and incident responders will be available for your operations in our round-the-clock security operation center (SOC) that specializes in ICS/SCADA.

Network monitoring and detection

With this detection technology your industrial control system (ICS) network traffic will be identified and analyzed to minimize risks that could constitute a threat against maintaining continuity in operations. This capability detects deviations in the networks by using a monitoring service that reacts proactively to potential threats and risks. Therefore, measures can be taken before the deviations can lead to serious consequences.

Log monitoring and detection

Security-critical log events are with this detection technology collected from various critical systems in operations (e.g. from IT/OT networks, switches, firewalls and servers). All information on security-critical events—suspicious login attempts, for example—are grouped, and a picture of a potential threat or incident in progress can be rapidly obtained by correlating data from many different sources.

Incident response

From protected locations in a 24/7 security operations center (SOC), all the information from the different detection capabilities is gathered and analyzed. The traffic is first analyzed in advanced systems, then Sectra’s security analysts take over in the event of an incident to dig deeper and deal with the incident so that operations can quickly return to normal.

We assist you in your evaluation of the incident and contribute expertise, experience and analysis methods. Sectra’s team of analysts and incident responders are always available by telephone.

Sectra risk and security assessment

Sectra risk and security assessment provides a good overview of strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s ability to detect, manage and protect against security related risks. Sectra will help in identifying risks that may affect the ability to deliver critical services, and lists actionable recommendations to help you mitigate the risks.

Our recommendations include:

  • Physical and IT/OT-related security measures
  • Organizational measures
  • Improvements to processes and policies

We understand the value of balancing security against asset value and will support you in adequately mitigating risk without overinvesting.

Sectra has more than 40 years of experience in secure communications and cybersecurity. As a leading managed security service provider (MSSP) for critical security in energy and water supply, and the process industry, we provide Managed Detection and Response in close partnership with our customers, adapted to their needs and resources.

Sectra works closely together with our customers to design a balanced security approach over time, adapted to the risk level and risk appetite of the operations. Together with our customers, we will face the new normal.

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