Category: Events | Posted: 2018-06-08

Meet Sectra at NordIWA 2018

At the largest Nordic drinking water conference Sectra will present the poster "From reactive to proactive - Risk management when digitalizing". You find us in the Management track on Tuesday June 12.

There are many wins in the digitalization process that the water industry currently is undergoing - increased efficiency through automation of processes and working methods, but also business development as new business models and offerings are enabled. But digitized processes also increase complexity and risk in operations.

Sectra's poster discusses the water industry’s current state of complexity and risk-management and the drivers for digitalization and a step-by-step approach to achieve proactive risk management and well balanced risk levels in the digitalized utility. The macro-outlook is based on governmental reports (EU, Swedish and Norwegian authorities) while the current state and the recommended approach is based on key findings in several commercial and development project between the information security industry and several utility companies in the Nordics.

Meet us at NordIWA 2018, June 11-13 in Oslo, Norway.