Category: News | Posted: 2018-08-14

Sectra Communications nominated to Dutch award "Security vendor of the year"

The highly renowned Dutch IT and management publication Computable announced that Sectra Communications is nominated to the 2018 Computable award in the category “Security vendor of the year”. Each year, Computable present awards for the most unique and innovative companies, projects and people and this year, Sectra Communications, through its Hague-based operations, is nominated.

This is an excerpt of the motivation letter:

"Sectra Communications is an expert in secure voice communication, with a large offering of products and services to secure state secrets. With over 15 years of experience in servicing the Dutch ministries, Sectra has become the key player in securing governmental communications. 

Sectra Communications distinguishes themselves because of their expertise in encryption technologies and their extensive experience within the field. Due to their close co-operation with their customers, Sectra has gathered an unrivalled diversity of knowledge and implementations within the field of secure communications. This allows them to create effective security solutions that cater towards both organizations and the individual user.  

Methods of secure communications are under constant threat. Because of this, security solutions have to meet high demands. Sectra Communications meets these demands without compromising on flexibility, mobility or user-friendliness. The Tiger/S 7401 supports multi-domain communication, approved for use at the Dutch Secret level, EU Secret level and NATO Secret level. This enables secure communication between different contact groups with a single handset. In addition, the Tiger ecosystem will allow for voice calls between Tiger/S and a Tiger/R, despite these being two different devices for different classification levels.

Sectra Communications is the only vendor with such a complete range of facilities for secure communication. Furthermore, they are the only vendor that offers secure communication solutions at the Secret level. These solutions are approved on the Dutch national level, as well as EU Secret and NATO Secret. Since 2007, all Dutch ministries use Sectra’s Tiger/S for secure communications. The Dutch ministry of Interior has recently renewed and extended this contract to include the Tiger/R, Sectra’s secure smartphone for voice and text communications."

A jury selected 10 nominees from a total of 51 entries. A voting procedure starts on the 5th of July 2018 and the winner will be announced on the 30th of October 2018.

Read more on the Computable site (in Dutch)