Expanded contract for Sectra Tiger secure crypto telephones from Dutch ministries

Jan 25, 2018 | Secure Communication Systems

Linköping, January 25, 2018 – The Dutch Ministry of the Interior has renewed and expanded its contract for secure communications with Sectra (STO: SECT B). The contract extends over four years and comprises Sectra’s Tiger solutions for secure communications and will be delivered as a service, in which Sectra assumes overall responsibility for the system. With Sectra’s solutions, Dutch ministries and government officials can communicate classified information relating to national security without the risk of eavesdropping.  

All Dutch ministries have used Sectra’s secure communications service since 2007. The service comprises Sectra’s solutions at the very high SECRET level, and the contract is now being extended to also include Sectra Tiger/R, Sectra’s solution for the secure use of smartphones, at the RESTRICTED level. The Dutch ministries are thus gaining access to Sectra’s entire ecosystem of secure communications solutions with full interoperability and can adapt allocation according to an individual’s communication and security requirements, while still ensuring that everyone can communicate with everyone.

“The Sectra Tiger Ecosystem enables effective and secure communications that support cooperation between organizations and units with specific security requirements. The renewal of the contract with the Dutch ministries is confirmation of our ability to meet our customers’ demands for security, usability and availability,” says Simo Pykälistö, President of Sectra Communications AB.

Security levels
Four levels of security—TOP SECRET, SECRET, CONFIDENTIAL and RESTRICTED—define how sensitive information is to be handled and the potential damage that its disclosure could cause. Communication of information that has been classified at these security levels requires that the communication equipment be reviewed and approved by an independent security authority.

Sectra Tiger/S 7401 has been reviewed and approved for the SECRET security level by the Dutch security authorities and by NATO. Earlier versions of Sectra Tiger/S 7401 have also been approved by EU member states and individual nations, and Sectra is the only mobile crypto supplier with EU-approved solutions at this level.