Critical system monitoring

It's all about visibility and the ability to act

As the efficiency of critical systems is enhanced by adding connectivity and controllability, the need for increased data flows between systems is resulting in greater complexity and elevating the exposure to errors and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. This, in turn, is leading to an increased need for visibility—the ability to see what is happening in the background—in order to take proactive measures to prevent various risk scenarios.

At Sectra, we have 30 years’ experience of conducting security assessments for the defense and government sector, where national security is at stake. This has given us in-depth knowledge and understanding of data security and proven processes for assessing situations, evaluating various threat scenarios and improving security without jeopardizing efficiency and the need to communicate.

Adaptive security—managed risk

The ability to manage security-related risks requires visibility and protection in critical systems. The level of risk depends on the operation’s exposure to cyber threats and vulnerability to unauthorized influences. An organization must be able to detect threats and influences and have well-established procedures and methods in place to prevent its operations from being impacted.

Long-term operational security

Sectra’s successfully proven solutions for behavior monitoring of critical networks provide you with long-term operational security. These solutions can be scaled and adapted efficiently over operational areas. Based on assessments of information and data flows in and between systems, we will ensure that the level of protection and detection security controls is in balance with the value of your assets.

By analyzing data traffic and alerting you when anomalies are detected, we enable proactive measures and optimal use of your resources and give you the tools to effectively mitigate the risk of your systems being affected by both unintentional and intentional threats.

Immediate reaction to abnormal activity

If abnormal activity is detected in a monitored system, our incident response personnel as well as the incident response personnel at the monitored operation are notified. Together, we form an incident response team that takes the necessary emergency measures, such as disconnecting part of a system or switching to a backup system.

We assist you in your evaluation of the incident and contribute expertise, experience and analysis methods. Using the monitoring log, a history of events and network traffic can be extracted, which is highly useful in addressing the incident and in subsequent evaluation and improvement processes.

Secure communications

As our customer, you are provided with our Sectra Tiger/R smartphone solution to allow you to encrypt your conversations with us, for example, in the event of an incident. This enables your representatives and us to discuss a possible incident without a risk of eavesdropping. If particularly sensitive information were to leak, this could result in worse damage or give an attacker information that could be used immediately or in the future.

Sectra also provides encryption services to reinforce communications security in the Tetra networks.

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