Security in Critical Infrastructure

Seizing technical advances, mitigating threat

As the efficiency of critical systems is enhanced by adding connectivity and controllability, the resulting need for increased data flows between control systems, remote systems and business systems elevates complexity and the exposure to human and technical errors and cyber-physical threats. At Sectra, we have 30 years’ experience of conducting security assessments for the defense and government sector, where national security is at stake. This has given us deep knowledge and understanding of data security and well-proven processes for assessing a situation, evaluating various threat scenarios and improving security without jeopardizing efficiency and the need to communicate.

Security assessments

Sectra provides threat analyses and security assessments that put you in control of your security situation and enable you to maintain risks at acceptable levels. We help you detect current cyber-physical security issues and provide you with a basis for strategic investment decisions. Impact analyses for selected threat scenarios provide you with additional support in your prioritizations. Our recommendations include physical and IT-related measures as well as organizational measures, such as modifications to processes and policies. We understand the value of balancing security against asset value and will support you in adequately mitigating risk without overinvesting.

Critical security services

Sectra’s successfully proven solutions for behavior monitoring of critical systems and networks provide you with long-term operational security. By analyzing information flows and alerting you when unusual patterns are detected, we enable proactive measures and optimal use of your resources. Based on assessments of flows of information and data in and between systems and where these create value for your organization, we will ensure that the level of protection and detection security controls is in balance with the value of your assets. Sectra’s critical security services give you the tool to effectively mitigate the risk of your systems being affected by both unintentional and intentional threats.