Professional Services

Sectra Tiger as a service

At Sectra, security is an easy call to make. Our customers can lease all necessary equipment and subscribe to a full secure telecommunication service. Such service include our Sectra Tiger solutions for secure mobile and fixed voice communication on security level SECRET and RESTRICTED, the operation and secure administration of these services, as well as support and customized training for end users.

At the heart of the service, the Sectra Tiger Communications Manager provides communications and security services, such as switchboard services, phone book updates, revocation of keys, certificates and devices, white-listing of applications, service monitoring and interoperability with circuit switched data.

Customized education

We set up implementation and training times that suit you at your location or ours, if you prefer. If one session is not adequate we will book more time. During training, we focus on specific areas of interest to you as well as the basic operating information.

Installation and comissioning

Delivery of products and other devices includes installation and deployment. After installation we conduct training for operators and administrators. We also do follow-ups periodically and if necessary conduct refresher courses.