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Securing the mobile workplace – information security on mobile devices

Enhancing mobility and flexibility i your organization without compromising the confidentiality of information is a challenge. A smartphone is a great working tool, but it is increasingly operating in an environment where the security of data is constantly being put to the test. Its versatility risks exposing it to threats such as malware and interception, but also misconfiguration and other user mistakes can have severe consequences. , and information may end up in the wrong hands. Hacked devices can also lead to disruption of services across the entire organization, with great cost both directly and indirectly.

With Sectra Tiger®/R, a hardened smartphone and tablet solution, you get a secure mobile workplace - a platform that supports the challenges of security and performance that are relevant in mobile scenarios, secure and efficient communication with colleagues, and secure and simple access to organizational tools and data. Built in a cost efficient way utilizing the latest standard mobile devices from Samsung, both phones and tablets, without need for customization.

Think about it - if your smartphone fleet was secure - what would it enable you to achieve in terms of efficiency gains? 

Bring your intranet securely in your pocket

Sectra Tiger/R allows you to securely access sensitive information from your organization’s network. E-mail, calendar and other internal applications important to the organization can easily be added to a protected workspace, that is securely and robustly connected to your organization intranet. Effectively turning your standard smartphone or tablet into an efficient and secure working tool. Sectra’s VPN optimized for mobile use coupled with Samsung’s data separation and encryption framework on the device secures your business from information leaks as well as organizational services being disrupted by hackers.

Mobility starts with efficient data transfer

The Sectra Mobile VPN features important capabilities specifically relevant in mobile scenarios. These include being roaming persistent and able to be set always-on while still having very low impact on battery life.

It also supports real-time sensitive applications, allowing both video calls and screen sharing applications to work without impact to performance and user experience. Furthermore, the Sectra Mobile VPN supports running multiple VPN tunnels on the same device. In such scenarios, every VPN enables a secure link for a specific application or group of applications.

Secure availability, efficient and simple

Sectra Tiger/R provides full flexibility for the user organization to adapt its policies for using the devices in order to strike the right security balance. The user is supported by automated device integrity that requires no user input or actions, with policies and whitelisting enforced to eliminate risk of mistakes.

The solution is based on components that are reviewed and approved for implementation fulfilling the requirements of RESTRICTED for both EU and NATO and is delivered with continuous support and security updates from Sectra who have more than 40 years of experience in the field of cyber security.

Device integrity for peace of mind

Advanced device integrity and encryption that ensures secure calls as well as the protection of stored information makes Sectra Tiger/R one of the most secure mobile systems available today. All this while still building on standard off-the-shelf mobile devices, providing a cost effective solution long term. As such, it also provides the ability to leverage the very latest in mobile device developments without sacrificing security.

The enhanced platform security is the result of a strategic partnership between Sectra and Samsung. This means that Sectra Tiger/R can be installed out-of-the-box on the latest Samsung smartphone or tablet models, without the need for device adaptation. By virtue of its thorough design and availability for review by national security agencies, the Android Samsung Knox platform is ideal for an approved level secure smartphone solution. Utilizing a Sectra secure smart card, which holds encryption processor and keys, the Sectra solution, provides an independent source of device integrity superior to the smartphone platform standing on its own.