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Enhancing communication security for TETRA users

The Sectra TETRA Crypto is a smart card-based encryption solution for terminals in a TETRA network, completely hassle-free for the user. It can be used transparently with various TETRA terminals and end-to-end encryption ensures that information only reaches the intended party.
Designed to comply with the requirements for communicating at the RESTRICTED level, it is the perfect choice for emergency cooperation organizations such as the police, coast guard, customs and national rescue service agencies.

End-to-end encryption between TETRA terminals

With the Sectra TETRA Crypto, calls and messages are encrypted end-to-end between terminals. This way, users can be sure that their information stays in their designated group and will not reach other, unauthorized users.
All terminals and Sectra TETRA Crypto users within a user group are connected to and registered in the key server managed by a system administrator.

Each user terminal has a smart card that has been personalized by the system administrator. The smart card is automatically updated with traffic encryption keys that are sent encrypted over the TETRA network from the key server.