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New and evolving communication patterns, such as mobility, portable devices and the demand for access to information anywhere and anytime, present real challenges to keeping communication secure. Technological advances provide greater flexibility for individuals, and the people who are handling sensitive or classified information should also be able to communicate while of the move.

Sectra’s next-generation, secure communication devices provide a platform for such freedom, and enable information exchange without delays.

A flexible system for personalized security

The Sectra Tiger system, developed in close cooperation with Swedish and Dutch security authorities, includes fully interoperable solutions for mobile and fixed telephony that allow you to make secure calls, send text messages and transfer data on different classification levels up to and including SECRET, on different security domains and with different communication technologies. As a user within the system you are thus given the flexibility to choose the device that most efficiently protects against the most important security threats you are facing, be it criminal organizations or the intelligence organizations of foreign states.

Interoperability through standard compliance

The Sectra Tiger System is compliant with the SCIP standard (Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol), the golden standard within encrypted communications. This allows users to make secure calls also with users of security devices from other vendors that comply with the same standard. 

An easy call to make

Choose the business model that best fits your organization. Sectra Tiger is available as a service, where you leave all operation and administration of the system to us. This ensures fast and smooth deployment and highly reliable service through operator functionality built into the Sectra Tiger service. Or you can opt to manage the system within your own organization. The choice is yours.

Protecting your conversations from eavesdropping should be an easy call to make. With Sectra Tiger it is.