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Encrypted mobile communication

No one needs to tell you the consequences of your classified information reaching unauthorized parties. The Sectra Tiger 7401 secure mobile phone is approved for Dutch national SECRET classification and pending approval for EU SECRET. Communicate as easily as using a normal mobile phone. Flexibility and top security when and where you need it.

User-friendly mobile security at your fingertips

The Sectra Tiger 7401 is a secure mobile phone that is designed for ease of use. It is developed for people with strict security requirements that also need to be able to communicate securely when not at the office or when travelling. This phone meets their high demands on flexibility and mobility. It is easy for new users to adapt to, and can be used for secure voice communication and sending secure SMS and data.

Operating on 2G and 3G as well as satellite communication and IP-networks, it enables non-encrypted and end-to-end encryption in a single device.

Interoperable and SCIP-compatible

The solution is the result of cooperation between Dutch and Swedish security authorities and Sectra. It operates on the SECRET security level and provides transparent interoperability between national, EU and NATO domains. It is SCIP (Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol) compatible and can thereby function seamlessly with other suppliers' products.

The encryption systems in Sectra Tiger 7401 and Sectra Tiger XS are compatible. This enables organizations to deploy both solutions based on the needs of the individual user.  

The Tiger 7401 can be complemented with an office adapter. The Tiger office can be used to connecting Tiger 7401 to PSTN (public switched telephone network), IP-networks and to satcom terminals. The Tiger 7401 can also be used with a conference phone at a secure place in order to communicate securely when having a meeting.

System overview

Tiger 7401 enables communication via both GSM and 3G networks. By connecting Tiger 7401 to Tiger Office it can also operate via PSTN and VoIP networks. The Security Management Center (SMC) and the Key Generation Center (KGC) are system components providing necessary encryption keys to the Tiger 7401 network. The SMC also provide online calling policies and remote management of the Tiger 7401 units, such as providing up-to-date contact information for users of the system. The network is administered by the Crypto Custodian and the SMC operator. The Tiger 7401 is also SCIP compatible for voice, which means that it can communicate with other SCIP compatible units.

Easy ownership

Choose the business model that best fits your organization. Sectra Tiger is available as a service, where you leave all operation and administration of the system to us. This ensures fast and smooth deployment and highly reliable service through operator functionality built into the Sectra Tiger service. Or you can opt to manage the system within your own organization. The choice is yours.

Protecting your conversations from eavesdropping should be an easy call to make.
With Sectra Tiger it is.

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