Continuous monitoring of network isolation

Sectra Network Alert

In order to offer the best possible product to the public, critical infrastructure operations have several types of systems and networks that communicate with each other. These systems, physical as well as virtual, can be quite complex since they manage the controls for several processes and involve numerous sub-suppliers.

Over time, complex systems tend to become even more advanced, which makes it difficult to isolate them from attacks and outside influences. The Sectra Network Alert service continuously performs network testing to search for loopholes in the security isolation layers. It was developed for critical infrastructure operations and is easily installed without any effect on the existing system.

Continuous searching

Sectra Network Alert performs continuous network testing to expose vulnerabilities in isolated systems that can lead to information leaks or the facilitation of cyberattacks. When a vulnerability is detected, it is immediately reported to the customer via Sectra’s Security Operations Center (SOC) with the opportunity for support from Sectra. This gives your operations control and oversight when it comes to security in all network environments and processes. You can rest assured that there are no unknown security loopholes in your network environment.

For all critical operations

It’s important to note which parts of an operation handle critical assets and to identify potential threats and risks. Critical assets refer to information or processes whose potential disclosure or sabotage would have the greatest impact on the business and its production. Risk analysis allows a business to identify critical assets and to determine how they should best be protected. Regardless of the size of your operations, with Sectra Network Alert you can rest assured that your security measures for network isolation are working as intended.

Cybersecurity as a Service

Complex systems with several sub-suppliers require continuous monitoring so that changes caused by digitalization or development creates security loopholes that are not discovered until it is too late. That is why businesses within critical infrastructure today need to streamline and support more stringent security.

To that end, we offer the smart cybersecurity solution Sectra Network Alert as a service, providing security with monitoring, communication and reporting that makes it is easy for customers to maintain a high level of network security.

Automatic testing

Manual pen testing is a commonly used method when evaluating the security of applications, computer systems or networks. The downside is that it is expensive and time-consuming and only provides a snapshot of your security level at the exact time of the pen test.

To maintain a continuous overview of the security of your network, you need to evaluate the security every day. This is one of the biggest benefits of Sectra Network Alert—it constantly tests your network and tries to detect security risks in your systems.

Here’s how it works:

The beacon technology is installed in the system or systems you want to be tested. The beacons will send out signals from inside your network and try to find an escape path through your systems. This is done by testing multiple different escape techniques.

The beacon signals are designed to find and connect to “Home,” which is a dedicated server located at Sectras SOC. If the signal from the beacon reaches Home, this means a security risk has been identified.

If this happens, the Sectra SOC will be alerted and you will receive a notification via our end to end encrypted communication service, Sectra Wire, with the specified risk and an offer of quick support.

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