Identify dependencies and vulnerabilities in control systems

Sectra risk and security assessment

The dependency on ICS/SCADA as well as other IT-systems is constantly increasing. Therefore, it is important to have a balanced security over time, which means being able to manage risks during digitalization projects. Sectra helps customers who work with critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and energy, water and process industries, to identify, prioritize and manage their operational risks.

Our risk and security assessment, will help you find the right balance of security that fits your organization and that helps you achieve your goals and overcome the main challenges with your digitalization projects.

Actionable recommendations to mitigate risks

Sectra risk and security assessment provides a good overview of strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s ability to detect, manage and protect against security related risks. Sectra will help in identifying risks that may affect the ability to deliver critical services, and lists actionable recommendations to help you mitigate the risks.

Our recommendations include:

  • Physical and IT/OT-related security measures
  • Organizational measures
  • Improvements to processes and policies

We understand the value of balancing security against asset value and will support you in adequately mitigating risk without overinvesting.

Adaptive security

We take an adaptive and balanced approach to cybersecurity. Our services aim to help you reach a new maturity level and to adopt a proactive approach to security, ultimately supporting your business continuity, resilience, operational efficiency and business development.

A graphic that explains the concept of adaptive security and the advantage of acting on threats and risks instead of an attack.

Achieving balanced security over time requires operations to act on risks instead of acting on attacks or the consequences of an incident. By detecting and identifying threats and risks in time before they have caused real damage, operations can achieve balanced security over time, thus ensuring continued function and deliveries.

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