Sectra's history

45 years of knowledge and passion

Sectra carried out its first consulting assignment in the late 1970s. A few years later, the company recruited additional joint owners with grand visions for Sectra’s future. This marked the start of the company’s expansion and development into a well-established brand in the area of information security and medical IT.

The road to world-leading products

Sectra has been a market leader in crypto equipment for the Swedish Defence Forces since the 1990s, and the company’s security products are currently used by government authorities and defense departments in most EU member states. These are some of the milestones throughout the 40 years we have been working for a more stable and secure society.

Crypto for the defense

In the mid-1980s, Sectra landed its first big order for crypto hardware for the Swedish Defense Forces.

Already in 1987, we received a defense order for a new cryptoprocessor. This marked the beginning of our focus on security products for customers in defense departments and government authorities.
Jan-Olof Brüer, Chairman of the Board
Late 1990's
Approved crypto phone

Sectra Tiger was approved for the classification level HEMLIG/SECRET and enabled the Swedish Defense Forces to become the first in the world with eavesdrop-protected mobile telephone communications for national secrets.

Listing on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange

Our international journey included plans to become a listed company, and a listing on the Stockholm Stock Exchange was carried out in 1999. The listing enabled strategic acquisitions and financing of our continued expansion.

Secure smartphone

Sectra started looking into the smartphone platform in 2007. Several platforms were evaluated and many lessons were learned. In 2011, the first eavesdrop-secure smartphone was released under the brand Panthon.

Technical partnership with Samsung

In a strategic technical partnership with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Sectra integrates the Samsung KNOX™ platform in Sectra’s solution for secure smartphone communication, resulting in the next-generation secure smartphone, Sectra Tiger/R and paving the way to Sectra's mobile workplace offering of tablets and smartphones.

Through close cooperation between the development teams behind Samsung KNOX and Sectra Tiger/R, we are making the technology available to users who were not previously able to benefit from it.
Björn Hansen, Sales Director Telecom at Samsung Electronics
Security in Critical Infrastructure

With the launch of Sectra's services for security and risk management in Critical Infrastructure, a strategic partnership with a Swedish energy company was also entered. The partnership encompasses the development and testing of a monitoring service for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems in energy distribution.

Energy and water distribution are areas in which we see an opportunity to contribute to a stable and secure society by leveraging Sectra’s unique expertise in data security and threat analyses. These are services that allow customers to make use of the opportunities presented by new technology without increasing their exposure to risks.
Torbjörn Kronander, President and CEO of Sectra AB
EU and Sectra sign framework agreement for secure communications

The European External Action Service, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission signed a new framework agreement for the approved mobile encryption system, Sectra Tiger. The framework agreement supports EU organizations to communicate securely and efficiently among themselves and with EU member states, without risking the confidentiality of their information.

It is vital for us to be able to communicate securely. The Tiger system offered by Sectra is a proven and reliable solution in use by our organization for several years. It supports us in sharing information in a secure and efficient manner.
A senior representative from the European External Action Service
Swedish military and civil defense strengthens ability to communicate securely by expanding their solution

Sectra received several orders from the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV). The orders covered the further development of existing systems and solutions for secure communication. Sectra has been working together with the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration since 1987, and during this partnership has developed and delivered products for secure communication. The continued collaboration will strengthen communications protection capacity of the Swedish military and civil defense agencies.

Sectra’s mobile VPN obtains clearance from the Dutch national security authority

The Dutch national communication security authority, NLNCSA, approved Sectra's mobile VPN for use up to and including the RESTRICTED security level. The solution grants civil authorities, government officials and critical infrastructure operators remote access to internal networks without risking information leaks. The users can thus access the same information and applications as they would from their regular workplace, regardless of where they are working from.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense and Sectra sign framework agreement for secure communications

The Dutch Ministry of Defense has been using Sectra’s solutions for secure communications since 2004. The 5-year contract contains the approved mobile encryption system Sectra Tiger/S and its infrastructure. The solution enables users to exchange classified information up to the classification level SECRET.

We have worked closely together with the Dutch Ministry of Defense for many years and are very proud of this continued confidence we receive. Earlier this year, we also extended our contract, referred to as VECOM, with the Dutch ministries and we are honored to serve both civil and military users to support the exchange of classified information in the Netherlands.
Jeroen de Muijnck, Managing Director of Sectra Communications BV
Magnus Skogberg takes office as the new President of the operating area
An energy company orders Sectra’s service for monitoring operational systems

A swedish energy company selects Sectra’s service to protect critical systems against unauthorized access. The service helps customers detect risks and vulnerabilities before they affect daily operations.

Recent version of Sectra Tiger/S approved by NATO

NATO approves the most recent version of Sectra Tiger/S. The product includes new functions that help officials exchange information even more securely and efficiently.

On a mission for a more stable and secure society

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