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Cybersecurity as a part of the management team agenda
This year, much has been said about the involvement and responsibility of corporate management in implementing cybersecurity. Several companies have been daunted by cyber crises, and for good reason,...
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The development of cyber capabilities at an individual level
Citizens’ cyber skills are important not only for them as individuals, but also as an important element in developing national crisis resilience. Citizens’ cyber skill level is directly propor...
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NFEA — Cybersecurity workshop
We welcome you to join Sectra at NFEA workshop about cybersecurity, where focus will be on security for OT systems within critical infrastructure. For more information about the event and to register,...
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Quantum technology can decipher encryption, but hope is not lost
Quantum technology and its theoretical impact on computer performance has been talked about for a long time, but the debate gained new impetus in October last year when Google’s Sycamore quantum com...
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Patient data is used for blackmail
Psychotherapy Center Vastaamo’s patient data breach and blackmail of patients in October 2020 is a critical example of the emergence of cyber threats. The crime has accumulated the largest numbe...
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Co-operation in protecting electric grid from cyber threats
The United States and the Baltic States agreed to co-operate in order to protect the Baltic energy grid from network attacks during the upcoming decoupling and desynchronization of Baltic grid from Ru...
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Changes in behavior mean stricter cyber security requirements
The coronavirus crisis has turned a lot of things upside down in society, and cyber criminals have not been slow to exploit the situation. According to several IT security companies, there are clear c...
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An executive order on the U.S. bulk-power system
The White House issued on May 1, 2020, an Executive Order on Securing the United States Bulk-Power System.1 The executive order states that the cyber threats against the bulk-power system2, and the su...
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We welcome you to join Sectra at Paranoia — one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the Nordics. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website.
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Upcoming events
Sectra attends and exhibits at many industry trade shows, conferences, and events worldwide. Find out here where you can meet us and experience our cybersecurity solutions next—scroll down to filter...
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Certifications and approvals
Sectra’s solutions for secure communications are assessed and approved by security authorities in several countries as well as by the EU and NATO. Such impartial certifications provide assurance tha...
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