Certifications and approvals

Evaluated, approved and certified solutions

Sectra’s solutions for secure communications are assessed and approved by security authorities in several countries as well as by the EU and NATO. Such impartial certifications provide assurance that the solutions meet the strict standards required for national security. During the certification process, the full chain from threat and risk analysis to implementation of security measures is scrutinized from both a holistic and a targeted perspective. This provides transparency—the basis for trust.

Sectra’s strength is the approvals. Not only one approval but several, which proves the very high assurance level and competence of the Sectra team.

Former Chief Security Officer, National Security Agency, European country

The process—from released software and hardware to approved solution

Sectra works in close cooperation with the national communication security agencies in Sweden and the Netherlands. These are also our primary evaluating authorities.

During the evaluation process, the full chain of assurance is scrutinized. Starting with the definition of how the solutions are to be used—which stipulates which protected assets and threat agents need to be taken into account—all the way to the implementation, testing and verification of protective mechanisms relevant to the threat scenarios, assets and required security levels.

The evaluations conducted by the Netherlands National Communications Security Agency (NL-NCSA) provide the basis for NATO and EU approval. Once a solution has been approved for use in the Netherlands, the documentation is passed on to SECAN for NATO approval and for the second-party evaluation necessary for EU approval.

Sectra high-assurance solutions

Quality management

Sectra Communication’s management system conforms with the Quality Management System Standard SS-EN ISO 9001:2015. The certificate is valid for “Sales, development, production, delivery and service of hardware and software products for secure communication systems”.

All products and systems are designed according to the ITSEC standard (Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria).

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