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Enhance business continuity and operational efficiency through balanced security.

What's in it for you?
What's in it for you?

For a stable and secure society

Collaboration between military and civil defense, industry and the critical infrastructure providing vital societal services is central in maintaining a stable and secure society. By supporting players across the line with secure communication and information sharing as well as advisory and monitoring services for critical systems, Sectra can contribute to the continuity and development of such functions.

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Enhancing mobility, balancing communication security

Accessing and sharing sensitive information regardless of location and without compromising information integrity is of critical importance to those who dedicate their professional lives to serving society. Everyday life can be simplified and made more efficient. And in the event of a crisis, authority officials, embassy personnel, secret service or security police can save lives by having the correct information at the correct time.

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Sharing critical information in critical environments

Secure communications provide a means of operational effectiveness and crisis preparedness. The importance of being able to act swiftly and to communicate without the risk of eavesdropping is highlighted time and time again during periods of political instability. Updates from the field to the home office must get through without delay to facilitate decision-making and coordination.

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International collaboration

To multinational organizations such as the EU and NATO, communication supporting collaboration and coordination across borders is central. Solutions need to adhere to industry standards and in every possible way help avoiding crypto islands and lock-in scenarios. Availability and certified security cannot be compromised.

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Information anywhere, anytime—without compromising information security

With a secure link to your intranet on your smartphone or tablet, you can get your job done regardless of location. Commercial secrets or sensitive information pertaining to, for example, the financial sector, healthcare or defense industry can cause damage both to your business and to society if leaked—your mobility fleet needs to support you in doing your job while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of information.

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Ensuring information integrity in critical situations

Robustness, availability and confidentiality are key for emergency communication. Sharing sensitive information relating to personal integrity, geographic locations or critical events requires eavesdrop security.

With encryption for Tetra network and a clear roadmap towards LTE compliant communication equipment you can rest assured that critical information is conveyed efficiently and securely.

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Balancing risk, future-proofing business continuity

Leverage the benefits of digitization and system interconnectivity with balanced risk while at the same time complying with relevant standards and regulations, such as the NIS directive, GDPR and security legislation requirements.

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Balancing risk, securing business continuity

Leverage the benefits of digitization and system interconnectivity with balanced risk. With an adaptive approach to security, you will ensure business continuity and operational efficiency, embracing technology advances with balanced risk.

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