Sectra Tiger/R

Secure smartphone up to RESTRICTED

Enhancing the mobility and flexibility of your organization without compromising the confidentiality of information is a challenge. A smartphone is a great working tool, but smartphones are also increasingly operating in an environment where the security of data is constantly being put to the test. The versatility of the device itself creates a risk of exposure to threats such as malware and interception, and information may end up in the wrong hands.

Sectra Tiger®/R is a hardened smartphone solution that can withstand eavesdropping and hacking attempts from the most resourceful parties in the world. Advanced phone integrity and encryption that ensures secure calls as well as the protection of stored information make it one of the most secure mobile systems currently available. With Sectra Tiger/R, users handling highly sensitive information can safely take advantage of the very latest mobile technology.

The end-users appreciate very much the user-friendliness of the Sectra Tiger/R. Most of the security runs in background and it's almost transparent for them. This has allowed my organization to implement a secure communication easily.

Representative from the EU user group

Approved for sharing RESTRICTED-level information

Sectra Tiger/R allows encrypted calls up to and including the RESTRICTED security level as well as messaging and chat and the sharing of pictures and sound files. It was developed under the guidance of the Dutch National Communications Security Agency (NL-NCSA). The security level is obtained by using hardware-based, end-to-end encryption combined with advanced phone integrity features.

Complying with this approval places specific requirements on both the service provider and the end users and their organization with regard to maintenance procedures as well as device configuration. Leveraging more than 40 years of experience in cybersecurity, Sectra assists and supports each customer in setting up and maintaining the solution according to approval recommendations while also tailoring the solution to the specific needs of the customer organization.

User focus by design

Sectra Tiger/R is designed to make it easy for the user to secure his or her communications. It’s built on the Samsung android smartphone, providing a proven user interface.

Making a secure call or sending an encrypted text message to an authorized contact, available in the centrally managed phonebook, requires only a single tap. Any usage policy your organization sets up is strictly enforced by phone integrity features and cannot be overridden. This makes it easy for users to comply and to rest assured they will not compromise security by mistake.

Device integrity for a secure platform

Sectra Phone Integrity, which leverages the Samsung Knox platform, provides proactive control and strict enforcement of security policies, effectively reducing the risk of malware, hacking, misconfiguration or unauthorized usage of the phone if it is stolen or misplaced. Through this integration, Sectra Tiger/R also enables a defense-grade, secure enterprise workspace designed to separate, encrypt and protect data from attackers.

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