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Classified information secured with encryption

Government ministers, ambassadors and military personnel often have a need to communicate highly sensitive information. Communicating highly sensitive information always carries the risk of interception by unauthorized parties. Any leakage of classified information can have devastating consequences. Sectra Tiger XS is a personal encryptor, approved to security level SECRET according to the requirements of the EU and NATO. Tiger XS is being used in a majority of the European Union countries and has several national security approvals.

High security with multiple features

Achieving the highest security levels is significantly more complex and demanding than one might realize. Sectra Tiger XS is a personal encryption system that handles calls, SMS, faxes, teleconferences, files transfers, and classified computer networks. The encryption system utilizes standard telephone lines, digital networks such as GSM, ISDN, Internet Protocol (IP), and satellite communications.

This complete security solution can be complemented with an office adapter developed by Sectra. The Tiger XS Office can be used to connect Tiger XS to PSTN (public switched telephone network) and various satcom terminals. Using a conference phone at a secure place, secure teleconferences can be arranged with the Sectra Tiger XS. The encryption systems in Sectra Tiger XS and Sectra Tiger 7401 are compatible. This enables organizations to deploy both solutions based on the needs of the individual user. 

System overview

Sectra’s Tiger XS secures voice, data and text message communication over different networks, such as GSM or satellite networks. The Security Management Center (SMC) and the Key Generation Center (KGC) are system components providing necessary encryption keys to the Tiger XS network. The SMC also provide online calling policies and remote management of the Tiger XS units, such as providing up-to-date contact information for users of the system. The Tiger XS network is administered by the Crypto Custodian and the SMC operator.

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