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Secure network communication at TOP SECRET level

Sharing large amounts of information in networks that are spread geographically puts organizations at great risk of data intrusion. Sectra Ternety creates a shared virtual network that is protected by the strongest encryption technology available. The security level is designed to be TOP SECRET, the highest in EU and NATO.

Geographically spread operations

In the era of globalization many corporations have their offices and operations spread geographically. At the same time the volume of information produced for databases, video, measurement data and back-up is rapidly increasing. Sharing information and communicating via networks, or other carriers puts this valuable asset at risk. Imagine an unauthorized party accessing the company’s units by intrusion, modifying sent data or inserting malware in your local area network (LAN). The consequences could be devastating. Ternety is designed to provide the possibility of secure and rapid communication between physically separated locations such as buildings, offices and floors of buildings. It encrypts and protects the network and its connected units from intrusion and data retrieval.

Virtual LAN network protection

Sectra Ternety enables rapid and secure transfer of large amounts of information in civilian and military data networks. Voice, data and video are encrypted over links at 1 and 10 Gbit/s.

When Ternety implements encryption at Ethernet level, the computers connected to the various local networks perceive that they are connected to the same local network. The result? Secure data flows with minimal delay and highly efficient use of bandwidth. In addition, extremely low latency makes Ternety ideal for even the most demanding real-time, latency-sensitive distributed applications.

With Ternety, defense, governments and other critical functions of society can also use cost-effective public networks knowing that their most sensitive information will not end up in the wrong hands.

Securing physically separated locations

Sectra Ternety provides the functionality of a long, high-speed Ethernet cable, with state-of-the-art security. It enables secure network communication between geographically spread organizations, between two offices in different locations or between two or more floors in the same building. Each location has a Ternety unit that encrypts and decrypts large amounts of data without delay.

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