Sectra Tiger System

A secure smartphone solution for government officials

With Sectra Tiger/R, a comprehensive solution for secure mobile communication, users’ needs in terms of communication security, availability, and mobility are continuously met in an environment where new threats against smartphones appear on an increasing basis. Sectra Tiger/R makes smartphone technology available to a large group of users who were not previously able to use it due to security concerns, thus enhancing efficiency for such organizations as government authorities.

Enhancing mobility, securing communications

Sectra Tiger/R enables you to use your smartphone for RESTRICTED-level voice and text communication. It prevents eavesdropping and substantially reduces vulnerability to malicious applications and tampering.
Sectra Tiger/R enhances mobility and flexibility to your organization at a time when the importance of being able to act swiftly and to communicate without risk of eavesdropping is highlighted time and time again by political instability and developments in society. And by allowing the separation of private and professional data on the one and the same smartphone, it provides an efficient, and secure, working tool.

User focus by design

Sectra Tiger/R is designed to make it easy for the user to secure his or her communications. It’s built on the Samsung android smartphone, providing a proven user interface.
Making a secure call or sending an encrypted text message to an authorized contact, available in the centrally managed phonebook, is just one tap away. Any usage policy your organization sets up is strictly enforced by phone integrity features and cannot be overridden. This makes it easy for users to comply and to rest assured they will not compromise security by mistake.

Five key advantages with Sectra Tiger/R

  • Designed for RESTRICTED-level secure voice and text
  • Phone integrity built on Samsung Knox
  • Hardware-based encryption for maximum security
  • Available as a service for immediate deployment
  • Common infrastructure for both RESTRICTED and SECRET communications

Product Brochure Sectra Tiger/R

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