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Join us at NEDS 2024!

NEDS, the NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security, is the largest event for the Defence and Security industry in the Netherlands. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website. We are looking forward to meet this fall in Rotterdam! You are welcome to join us at our booth, where we will showcase our solutions for secure communications that in an efficient way enables you to exchange classified information—without jeopardizing on security.

Enabling exchange of classified information

The ability to communicate effectively without compromising on security is a high priority for our customers within government and defense forces. At the SECRET classification level, we offer Sectra Tiger/S, a secure communication solution for sharing classified information through encrypted speech, messaging and data transfer.

Sectra Tiger/S is developed in close cooperation with the Dutch security authorities (NLNCSA). It allows the user to share high-level classified information up to and including the NATO SECRET and EU SECRET classification levels. With its unique interoperability features, Sectra Tiger/S enables secure communications across nations and organizations, between security levels and for mission-based satcom use.

It is vital for us to be able to communicate securely. The Tiger system offered by Sectra is a proven and reliable solution in use by our organization for several years. It supports us in sharing information in a secure and efficient manner.

Senior representative from the European External Action Service, September 2020

High availability

Sectra Tiger/S has been designed to guarantee availability anywhere at any time and can therefore be used in different locations and scenarios, such as in an office environment, in the city or out in the field, onboard a vessel or in a bunker. The solution also offers the flexibility to connect through fixed or mobile networks, allowing the user to choose between different network types, which makes it easier to communicate securely.

Quantum-proof crypto

One of the major threats to future-proof confidentiality is so-called quantum computers. Usually, SECRET information must be kept secure for 30 to 40 years, even in the event of an attack from a quantum computer. Sectra is at the forefront of this field, and Sectra Tiger/S has been determined by the NLNCSA to be able to protect against future quantum attacks.

Share classified documents

Documents can be distributed or scanned using Sectra Tiger/S together with Sectra Tiger User Tool, an application that can be installed on an approved Microsoft Windows™ computer. The Sectra Tiger File Server, which is a highly secure cloud service, is also used together with Sectra Tiger/S, but for file sharing and storage.

Solutions on display

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