A Swedish healthcare region

Enabling a proactive approach to risks and threats

A Swedish healthcare region used Sectra’s risk and security assessment to ensure that relevant security mechanisms were in place to enable a proactive approach to risks and threats, thereby creating opportunities to improve the overall operational reliability of activities taking place at the region’s hospitals.

Healthcare systems are among the most important we have and we see a trend of growing demand to assess the security of these activities. I am looking forward to working together with the region to help them improve the operational reliability of their control systems, and to identify the external threats and internal risks associated with their operations.

Leif Nixon, security expert at Sectra Communications

An important part of security work for the region is to maintain continuous operation of the critical infrastructure of hospitals. Unplanned downtime in the operational environments could, in a worst-case scenario, lead to life-threatening situations for the patients. Moreover, extensive disruptions could have major socio-economic implications.

The risk and security assessment identified the hospitals’ dependencies and vulnerabilities in control systems for supply functions and property automation. By assessing risks and identifying threats, and their potential to impact the ongoing operations, the region can now form a clear view of the security linked to these control systems. All network systems, processes and procedures were assessed by Sectra’s security analysts, who then compiled an action report.

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