Swedish Defence

Encryption solutions for the Swedish Defence

Sectra has developed several encryption products and systems for the Swedish Defence since the early 90’s. Initially the systems were adapted to specific needs for the various defence services (navy, army and air forces). Today, the majority of solutions are developed for all defence services, although some situations still require highly adaptable products.

Commissioned development for the Swedish defence

Sectra has developed and delivered a series of products for encryption of speech and data files adapted to different networks, computers, routers and different user needs. The commission is from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for use in the Swedish Defence and in other Swedish Governmental organizations.

Product examples include:

  • Crypto card 631, 6311, 672, 6721, 673 and 6731 – Encryption Boards for standard computers
  • Kryapp 8201 and 8251 – Mobile Tactical Voice Crypto
  • Kryapp 1401 – Crypto Modem for serial communication
  • Kryapp 520, 5201 and 521 – Telephone Network Encryptors for PDH and SDH lines
  • Kryapp 530, 531 and 532 – Router Companion Encryptor

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