Solutions for critical systems

It's all about visibility and the ability to act

Modern society depends on the operations of critical infrastructure being conducted securely and reliably; interruptions to operations can result in significant disruptions, with major financial and societal consequences as a result. Increased digitalization in critical infrastructure has resulted in IT and OT systems becoming increasingly complex, as well as internal and external networks being linked together. This development has enabled improved efficiency, increased accessibility and greater customer value, but has also increased vulnerability. External threats and internal risks are continually changing, which will be the “new normal” for a long time ahead.

At Sectra, we have 40 years’ experience of conducting security assessments for the defense and government sector, where national security is at stake. This has given us in-depth knowledge and understanding of data security and proven processes for assessing situations, evaluating various threat scenarios and improving security without jeopardizing efficiency and the need to communicate.

Balanced security over time

Achieving balanced security over time requires operations to act on risks instead of acting on attacks or the consequences of an incident. By detecting and identifying threats and risks in time before they have caused real damage, operations can achieve balanced security over time, thus ensuring continued function and deliveries.

A holistic approach to security is required to ensure continuous operations and delivery. Sectra has an extensive experience within Managed Detection and Response, and offers seven different capabilities that can help your operations achieve a balanced security level over time, thereby reducing the risk of external threats and internal risks.

Network monitoring & detection

Industrial control system (ICS) network traffic will be identified and analyzed to minimize risks that could constitute a threat against maintaining continuity in operations. This capability detects deviations in the networks by using a monitoring service that reacts proactively to potential threats and risks. Therefore, measures can be taken before the deviations can lead to serious consequences.


Log monitoring and detection

Security-critical log events are collected from various critical systems in operations (e.g. from IT/OT networks, switches, firewalls and servers). All information on security-critical events—suspicious login attempts, for example—are grouped, and a picture of a potential threat or incident in progress can be rapidly obtained by correlating data from many different sources.

Risk and security assessment

Find the strengths and weaknesses in your organization’s ability to detect, manage and protect against security related risks through both technical and organizational assessments. Identifying risks that may affect the ability to deliver critical services, and lists actionable recommendations to help you mitigate the risks.

Incident response

From protected locations in a 24/7 security operations center (SOC), all the information from the different detection capabilities is gathered and analyzed. The traffic is first analyzed in advanced systems, then Sectra’s security analysts take over in the event of an incident to dig deeper and deal with the incident so that operations can quickly return to normal.

We assist you in your evaluation of the incident and contribute expertise, experience and analysis methods. Sectra’s team of analysts and incident responders are always available by telephone.

Mobile workplace

In pace with increased digitalization, employees are becoming more mobile and need to work remotely. That is why the need for tools that can manage the sensitive or classified tasks of the operations is increasing. Sectra Mobile Workplace offers a total solution with a secure mobile VPN. Moreover, the solution is equipped with Sectra Tiger/R smartphone encryption that enables secure voice and text.

As our customer, you are provided with our secure smartphone solution to allow you to encrypt your conversations with us, for example, in the event of an incident.

Behaviour monitoring

Creates expanded security awareness for users, and staff are continually trained in managing information security. Security culture is thus improved and the risk of human error leading to serious consequences for operations decreases. Moreover, the system can easily detect malicious insiders as well as external threats that exploit internal resources.

Physical detection

The system notes deviations from normal movement patterns, and alarms are sent if movements or abnormal sounds occur in an area designated as prohibited. The system is also equipped with sensors that can identify suspicious sounds. Video streams are analyzed in real time using artificial intelligence, and all suspicious activity is reported directly to the operations.

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