What solution is best for you?

Who needs a security solution? For those of you who are already familiar with handling high-level classified information, this is not a relevant question. But if you are new to the area, this page may serve as a useful guide.  

Sectra provides security solutions for voice and data communication. Users are decision-makers and officials in governments, defense authorities and critical functions of society, such as municipalities, county councils, police, customs, rescue services and the coast guard.

Our solutions are approved for different levels of security. These range from EU and NATO Top Secret – the highest levels of security – to Secret, Confidential and Restricted. Each of these levels is connected to the degree of damage that the information could cause if falling into the wrong hands. On this page, you can navigate to the solution most appropriate for your needs.

I need to communicate information classified as Secret

Information classified at this level of security may be military intelligence, or the details of a President´s route when visiting a particular city. This type of information is only circulated among the people who absolutely need it, in order to reduce the risk of leaks. Leaks of this type of information could potentially compromise national security.

A person who needs to communicate sensitive information classified as Secret should use a product approved for the Secret level, e.g. a Sectra Tiger, which is used for mobile, fixed and satellite voice and data communication. Sectra is the only supplier in the market with a product approved by both the EU and NATO for communication up to the Secret level. Sectra’s Tiger products are also approved by several national security authorities in Europe.

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I need to communicate information that is very sensitive or classified as Restricted

Information that was previously stored on computers is increasingly moving over to smartphones. A smartphone usually contains addresses, e-mails, notes from meetings and information about the user’s whereabouts, and could present a major security risk if misplaced.

Officials who require Restricted security level, or deal with information that is unclassified but still sensitive for an individual or an organization, such as patient data or a business prospectus, should use the Sectra Panthon security solution for mobile IP telephony.

This solution enables secure phone calls and text messages from a smartphone. In addition, all Panthon phones are also equipped with a Phone Integrity solution that strengthens the phone’s platform and reduces the attack surface for malicious code. In the market for solutions approved for the Restricted security level, Sectra Panthon is the only product with triple approval.

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I need to encrypt network communication

Sectra Ternety is a high-security and robust network-encryption solution for organizations and operations that need secure and rapid communication between buildings, offices and floors of buildings. This high-speed crypto for data networks is also ideal for organizations that use external server farms for storing data. Sensitive data that is transferred between users and server farms can be protected with a fast crypto. This Gigabit crypto from Sectra enables encryption and decryption of large amounts of data without appreciable delay.

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I need a customized solution

A specific product or solution is sometimes required to handle classified information that cannot be solved with any other available product. Sectra can help you with the entire chain, from pre-study to requirement specification, development, production and, of course, support.

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