Balanced security as a service

Minimize downtime and loss of revenue

Digitization is enabling the development of new and enhanced services provided by critical societal functions. This development is happening at an increasing pace and causing interdependencies between systems, infrastructures and suppliers—a digital ecosystem. In this environment, security is no longer an isolated problem, and incidents may affect the whole ecosystem. We need to include these dependencies in risk management and maintain an adaptive approach to security.

Availability 24/7/365

Security is an important aspect in making digitalization more efficient, thus enabling you to achieve your goals of efficiency, availability and profitability. However, digitalization entails new risks and threats that could easily jeopardize your operations.

To avoid production outages and loss of revenue, your external and internal risks need to be measured and managed over time. The most successful companies are those that utilize both information technology (IT) and operating technology (OT) opportunities while ensuring continuous operation. If production stops, it will affect revenue and reputation, and therefore risk management of IT and OT networks is a vital activity.

Why security as a service?

Constant change is the new normal, making digitalizing operations an even greater challenge. Managing this challenge requires the right balance of security. Our service will help you continuously develop and digitalize your operation without increasing risk. Balanced security as a service offers a high degree of scalability that can be customized to meet your needs for cost-effective business development.

Strategic long-term partner

As a strategic partner, Sectra will work closely with your business. As a team, we will tackle the main challenges, help you fulfill legal requirements, manage your risk and facilitate your digitalization journey – all in order to achieve your availability and efficiency goals. We will also provide advisory services regarding security.

Maintaining and developing this service is worry-free – our expertise is one of the main reasons for having a strategic partner. With this service, you can focus on the core of your business – continuous delivery all day, every day, year round.

Detection and Response

We ensure the visibility required for early risk and threat detection so that the continuity of your operations is not jeopardized. With a few network sensors and well-chosen log sources, we can ensure that in just a matter of days you will achieve visibility and management of security risks that authorities demand for critical infrastructure. Our security analysts and incident responders will be available for your operations in our round-the-clock security operation center (SOC) that specializes in ICS/SCADA.

Balanced Security

The dependency on ICS/SCADA, as well as other IT systems, is constantly increasing. Balanced security over time – which entails the ability to manage risks during digitalization projects – is therefore important. We will help you find the right balance of security that fits your organization and helps you overcome the main challenges in order to achieve your goals.

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